Kid Safe Websites

Kid Safe Websites

With the unlimited reach that the internet provides, many parents are weary to allow their kids to go online but you must remember that our kids are growing up in a time were technology rules. I’m sorry but computers are here to stay and by not allowing you child access to computers and the internet, you are putting them at a disadvantage to their peers. The internet can be a great place for kids when given access to age appropriate sites and content.

Websites for Younger Kids: You can never go wrong with Sesame Street. The classic children’s show also has a website that offers interactive games, printable coloring sheets, as well as fun activities suggestions.  Moshi monsters is a free online game for kids that allows your child to adopt and care for a monster. The best part about this site is that you child is learning while playing by solving fun logic puzzles to earn “Rox” to buy food and other items for their monster. There are also reading, arithmetic, and vocabulary enforcing aspects to the games on the site. Jumpstart is another educational gaming site.  The best part about jumpstart is that they offer mobile app games too! So when you are on the run you can open the app and know that your child is playing a game with some educational content. The PBS Kids site offer access to some of your kids Favorite shows such as Clifford, Arthur, The Cat in the Hat, Curious George, and The Electric Company. They also feature games and other offline activities.

Websites for Big Kids: a social network and music site for your tween. The site features clean music videos and games and allows child a safe place to explore online.

This is a short list of many kid safe websites. If you are still hesitant to allow your child online you can also choose to change the settings on your computer to exclude or only allow certain sites. So let your kid online and let us know how it goes!

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