The Halloween Pumpkin Carving Alternative!

Pumpkin Face Drawing: The Quick and Easy Alternative to Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is right around the corner and your family has yet to carve the pumpkin sitting out on your front porch. Here at Level One Childcare, we completely understand;  Carving a pumpkin can be messy, time-consuming and attempting it with younger kids can be down right frustrating. Luckily there are easier ways to show your Halloween spirit.  Drawing your pumpkin’s kisser verses carving is cleaner, faster and not to mention EASIER!

So now that you’ve decided to draw your pumpkins face,  here’s what you will need:

  1. A nice pumpkin
  2. A good set of markers (Use bright permanent markers for deeper colors or if you plan to leave your pumpkins outside)
  3. Newspaper (if you decide to use permanent markers)
  4. Imagination

Now that you have your supplies, here’s how to make your pumpkin.

  1. Spread out your newspaper

  2. Clean and inspect your pumpkin:

    Make sure the skin is smooth so its easy to draw your face(unless you’re going for the wart covered witch face effect) Also make sure your pumpkin is free of  bruises  and cuts extend the life of your masterpiece.

  3. Put your ideas on paper:Practice doodles

    Before you and your kids go haywire on the pumpkin, make a few practice faces on paper. Have them try a few variations and then let them pick their favorite. These were the doodles I came up with.

  4. Transfer the winner to the pumpkin:

    You can transfer the final  drawing to the pumpkin free hand or  make your drawings into a stencil and trace the image onto your pumpkin.( Remember if you want deeper colors use permanent markers)



level one childcare pumpkin face


After you’ve transferred your drawing if you want to be more artistic  you can also try adding additional flare by using glitter, googly eyes and other crafts to for additional effects.

Bonus: The best part about drawing on your pumpkin verses  making a Jack-o lantern is that you can still use it to make pumpkin pie after Halloween is over!



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