Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

These very simple thanksgiving craft ideas only take a few minutes to create but are tons of Thanksgiving Craftsfun for the kids.

Thanksgiving Table Coasters:

All you need are flat foam squares, foam stickers and some paint. You can use the foam squares as they are, or you can cut then into circles, stares or any other shape you desire. After you have your basic coaster just decorate with the paint, stickers or markers as you wish.

Alternative: If you can’t find the flat foam pieces , you can also make them out of construction paper, regular stickers and markers and simply laminate your creation to make it water proof.

Thanksgiving Placemats:

You can also make thanksgiving placemats out of large sheets of construction paper.

You can make a collage on your mat using pictures and stickers or draw straight on the mat. In my example I used a white sheet for the background of my drawing and an orange sheet with the center cut out for the boarder.Thanksgiving Placemat

Whichever style you choose, don’t forget about the additional embellishments like glitter or stickers. Laminate your child’s creation to make it waterproof  so they can use it at the Thanksgiving day table!

Pilgrim Snack Hat:

Another idea is to make a pilgrim hat snack holder. For this project you will need a paper or plastic cup, black and white construction paper and a paper plate is optional to make the base sturdier.

All you need to do is cut a circle with a 7 inch Pilgrim Snack Hatdiameter from the black construction paper and the paper plate. Then you glue the two circles together (Remember the paper plate is not required but it makes the holder sturdier).

Next you need to cut a strip of black construction paper that is long enough to wrap around your cup and is a little wider than the height of the cup. Then you wrap the strip of construction paper around the cup and glue them together.

Next you glue the cup to the center of your black circle. Now you have your basic hat.

If you want to be more detailed you can make a band with a buckle. To do this cut a 1 inch wide strip from the white construction paper that is long enough to wrap around the hat. Also cut a 1½ inch square from the black paper. Fold the square in half and cut a small square along the fold. Unfold the square and glue it to the center of the white strip you cut out. Then glue the band to your hat.

Now set your hat aside to dry. Then you can fill it with your favorite treats!

Thanksgiving Cards:

This one is super duper simple. Just take a piece of construction paper and fold it in half to make your cards. Then have your kids decorate them with festive stickers and drawings. You can have your kids make them  for each of your guests on thanksgiving. Then on Thanksgiving day, let them pass their creations out  to your guests!

Post your kid’s finished Thanksgiving creations on our Facebook page!

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